This week's episode of the podcast I give my thoughts on all of latest news in wrestling. I hope everyone is enjoying wrestling this summer and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and below I have links for EPW and Brainbusta Radio. 


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On this special episode of Queen’s Court, Queen has her pals JPQ from No Particular Angle and Anthony from Smark to Death on to discuss #WrestlingFashion. This was a total surprise to Anthony & we had a FABULOUS conversation on Okada’s thighs, AEW gear, WWE highs and lows, and so much more! Queen gives you the jester/crown of the week! 

This episode is explicit.

March 15, 2019

What is Brainbusta Radio?

Meet the team! Today, I'm joined by Queen and Omega Luke! We give you some insight into what Brainbusta Radio is and what we are hoping to give to you! Listen today and PLEASE give a subscription. See you April 1st!

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