Best time of the wrestling year continues with the start of the STARDOM 5STAR GRAND PRIX!! 

No one better than @BowlingJD to stop by and help breakdown the current landscape of Stardom, both blocks of competitors, potential winners, & what's next within the World of Stardom! 

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Tiffany (@Luvs2Dream82 on Twitter) from @DatAssPodcast & @AllElitePod drops by the show to discuss all current events in AEW and New York Independents. 

We discuss: 

Cody’s comments on the throne spot at DoN What to keep a look out for in AEW Potential booking plans for Live TV Hesitancies with casual fans and AEW 

As well as : 

Why more people should be watching House of Glory & The Good, The Great, & The Grand that is ICW! 

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On this episode of NPA, @MrWarrenHayes from the show (every Thursday) stops by to throw down on WWE. 

Sometimes there is a conversation, and sometimes you need to RANT! Warren picks this ladder in a very special episode where I stay out the the way of this salient Canadian and let him get everything off his chest!

Alex calls in to update the audience on everything happening in her career. We discuss her start with Texas Wrestling Academy, being thrown into Shine 52, her WWE tryout as well as ... ... oh yeah ... HER PHENOMENAL STARDOM RUN earlier this year. 

Texas born and raised, they don't make them any sweeter than Alex Garcia!! 

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-JPQ @bigpawsonapup @NPApodcast

Does life get much better than an impromptu stop at a pop up bar in the summertime? I submit that it does not! 

And that’s what this new series is all about under the umbrella of ‘No Particular Angle’! 

Keep an eye out for “Pup”-Up’s all summer long on podcasts, twitch tv, livestreams - you never know where you might be when a “Pup”-Up happens! 

For the first episode in this series, Josh from Wrestling Reverb stops by to have a cerveza and talk all the grappenings from this previous weekend in wrestling! 

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Conrad Kushman from @EPWShow stops by on this week to discuss EVERYTHING INDEPENDENT WRESTLING!!!! 

We discuss how the scene has changed since AEW’s launch, what to expect from the wrestlers moving forward, the economics of the independent scene, the brewing war between AEW & WWE, favorite wrestlers and local promotions! 


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In the lead up to the G1 Climax 29, Marc Warzecha stops by to talk about all things wrestling. 

- How he got into wrestling - Working with NJPW & doing commentary with Kevin Kelly - What work he is doing with current wrestlers - How his love of comedy & wrestling have married together - Projects he is currently working on - AEW and the pains of weekly booking - NJPW booking decisions and why we should all #TrustInGedo 

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Crushing on GCW 

Zachary Shiloh (@zachshi130) stops by to breakdown “Crushed Up” with Bigpawsonapup! Each match from this past Thursday is broken down and we project out on where the GCW championship is headed. 

Don’t Miss what GCW is doing on an all new No Particular Angle!!

British wrestling is the next big thing in the wrestling landscape today. One promotion is beginning to set themselves apart from the rest.

But don't bigpaws word for it, he's still getting his paws wet. He enlisted friends from around the globe to convince him on why PROGRESS is a promotion you should get familiar with!

Omega Luke, Steven & Tanner from Headlock Talk, & Ori drop by to educate JPQ on all things PROGRESS in the latest episode!

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JPQ dives back into the wonderful wild World of STARDOM by getting back to his roots speculating out on the current championships and where he’d like to see the championships go over the next 6 months.

Get a feel for JPQ’s thought process as he works through the jigsaw puzzle that is the championship landscape and tries to fit all the right pieces in the right place!

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To celebrate the filming of season 2 of WOW! Superheroes, JPQ has dove back in the annals of his show to touch up an interview with THE GREATEST ATTORNEY IN THE WORLD, SOPHIA LOPEZ!!!

A No Particular Angle Special!!

"Get To Know" Sophia Lopez from WOW! Superheroes!!!

Sophia Lopez is a WOW! Superhero and is known as THE GREATEST ATTORNEY IN THE WORLD!

What plans does Sophia Lopez have for the WOW! Universe?

How did she get her start? What qualities does she possess?

Who is the woman behind the character of Sophia Lopez?

Find out the answers to all these questions and more in this Q&A Interview!

Thank you so much Leslie Garza for taking the time to share your character and story with the audience!

Please Follow Sophia Lopez - @wowe_sophia on twitter & @lesliegc12 on Instagram!

@dejkirkby stops by the dog house to discuss the tension betweenAEW & WWE fans. Why are we so defensive as fans?

Areas of Discussion:

AEW's commentary and camera miscues?

Nepotism present in AEW bookings?

$50 for a PPV?

and much more on this episode of No Particular Angle!

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AEW’s Women Division is ... well .. ELITE!

Bigpawsonapup breaks down all the women in AEW!

Get to know all about these ELITE wrestlers before Double Or Nothing THIS SATURDAY!!

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Tony, one of the BEST HEELS IN THE BUSINESS, stops by to discuss

all things GCW


Career Goals

How he got into the business

and Hobbies!

Please follow Tony on all social media accounts, BIG THINGS AHEAD FOR THIS GUY!

No doubt about it, bigpawsonapup brings you an absolute legend on the indie scene with his interview of ONE OF THE BEST WRESTLERS GOING RIGHT NOW!!!

A 14x champion, Zoey discusses anything and everything about her career on this ALL NEW episode of NO PARTICULAR ANGLE!!

Make sure to check out Zoey Skye on all social media platforms and keep an eye out for all her bookings!!

On this impromptu episode of No Particular Angle, Kevin stops by from wRestling Reverb to discuss random wrestling topics. We discuss the parity of wrestling talent during the first third of the wrestling year, and what we should expect from WWE as fans during RAW/SDLive. Plenty of tangents as we’re just two dudes discussing wrestling! Also the origin of is revealed! Make sure to follow Kevin - Twitter: Blog: Podcast: wRestling Reverb

On this episode of No Particular Angle, JPQ tackles the women’s division post superstar shakeup.

A lot has been made of the star studded line up on the Smackdown Live Roster, but once broken down, the Raw Division has some interesting match ups that could ultimately lead to a more competitive division in the long term.

Join in on the discussion as JPQ breaks down the shakeup, the rosters, and speculates on the champions in both the tag team division and single’s division on both brands!

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On this episode of No Particular Angle, Wilfred from Wilfred Watches podcast to discuss all things STARDOM with JPQ.

They breakdown STARDOM’s 2nd Draft:

The promo’s & storylines leading into the elimination draft with the leader’s of each faction.

The Elimination Battle Royal for seeding and the faction that will come to an untimely end.

The results of the draft and where were the surprises were in each round.

An emotional episode for those who found themselves rooting for a certain Jungle Princess.

As always, #watchSTARDOM.

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#WrestlingFashion: Wrestlemania Edition

On this episode, the Wednesday Squad is back! #TheQueenAndPupConnection are bringing fashion back to wrestling as they breakdown:

“Top Looks” - Who did it right? From attire to gear to accessories Wrestlemania the talents time to shine and look good doing it.

“Low Blows” - Who did it wrong? Sometimes you step up to the plate and whiff. JPQ and Queen are here to tell you who struck out!

Join in on the discussion!

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Wrestling with the History of the Women's Division at WrestleMania

On this episode, @bigpawsonapup breaks down why the main event of WrestleMania should be celebrated

Breaking down the "era's" of women's wrestling at WrestleMania:

- Old School Wrasslin' Era - Attitude Era - Ruthless Aggression Era - Diva's Era - Diva's Revolution Era - Women's Evolution Era - Post-WrestleMania 35 Era -

Join in on the discussion!

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