It's Friday so that means it's #wRestlingReverb day here on @BrainbustaRadio! Kevin is back this week and he and Josh talk about the AWESOME few days of WWE TV! From Takeover Toronto with that awesome Candice/Io match to Summerslam with The Fiend's INCREDIBLE weekend stealing introduction to The Boss' return to WWE to the King of The Ring being back, Kevin and Josh cover it all on this all new #wRestlingReverb!


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This week on #wRestlingReverb Josh rides solo as Kevin is out this week. Josh runs down the entire #Summerslam card and gives his predictions on all the matches taking place at the big event! Josh talks Kofi and Randy's awesome storyline, Roman Reigns being run-down, Trish Startus' FINAL match and so much more. Josh also of course mourns the lost of The IIconics losing the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles. 

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Welcome to another edition of #wRestlingReverb. Today Josh and Kevin have a nice good ol' mixed bag of topics. We talk wrestling dream matches, the WCW cruiserweight division, Maria as 24/7 champ, Summerslam and SO MUCH MORE! 


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Happy birthday to #wRestlingReverb! We are one year old! Today we look back on the first year and talk our favourite moments, episodes and say our thankyous to everyone who has helped us along the way! THANKYOU FOR THE FIRST YEAR WE LOVE YOU ALL! 


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This week on #wRestlingReverb here on @BrainbustaRadio JPQ steps in as Kevin is out for the week and boy do Josh and JPQ have an excellent chat! We look at the true evolution of Women in WWE. We chat: 

The Divas Era and the negativity surrounding it

Total Divas

Ronda Rousey

Mae Young Classic

And so much more on this AWESOME edition of #wReslingReverb!

PLUS we get a HUGE update on the bet between Josh and Kevin!


This week on #wRestlingReverb Kevin and Josh put on a pair of "Future Goggles" and look towards the next few months in WWE! We talk Becky and Seth's potential Summerslam challengers, the outcomes of Extreme Rules, Sasha Banks and more! Kevin and Josh also run down some talk about the next season the Netflix hit show "Glow" PLUS Josh lays down an "IICONIC" ultimatum! Kevin has some alcoholic ice cream we suggest you do too! 

Kevin takes the reigns this week as we take part in #G1Week here on @BrainbustaRadio! Here Kevin’s (and Josh’s, kinda) take on this year’s G1 Climax! We run down both Block A and Block B and also give our predictions on what is going down this year! 


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This week on #wRestlingReverb Kevin and Josh chat about the success of Stomping Grounds, The winner take all tag team match at Extreme Rules and the dream of a WWE Evolution 2 (and a look about our dream card). PLUS, Kevin and Josh have a nice chat about Pixar Movies, video games and more!

This week on #wRestlingReverb Kevin and Josh talk about this week’s RAW and Smackdown leading into Stomping Grounds! We chat the Bliss/Cross/Bayley story, The IIconics, Kofi’s title run and much more! We also streamed our recording live on Twitch!

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it’s Friday (gotta get down on Friday) so that means it’s an all new #wRestlingReverb on Brainbusta Radio! This week Josh and Kevin are joined by the Podfather himself, Wilfred! We talk some NJPW, the perception of Vince McMahon, Becky Lynch and so much more! Big thanks to Wilf for popping in on this week’s show!


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In this week’s episode of #wRestlingReverb Chris (@black_baymax8) joins Josh and Kevin for a look at wrestling’s bests and wrestling’s worsts. We talk the best and worst finshers, theme songs, superstars and more! We also chat hardcore wrestling, the 24/7 championship, Carmella and more!


Kevin and Josh also dive into BBR OP, BBR TV and Josh’s YouTube adventure!


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Parental advisory is recommended because this week on #wRestlingReverb Kevin and Josh take #ReverbRewind to the EXTREME! We rewind back to ECW One Night Stand 2005! We talk everything about the event including whether ECW could work now, the 2006 event, pure wrestling on ECW and more! We warn that this show is a little more hardcore than normal so proceed with caution!

It’s #AEWweekonBBR so this week’s #wRestlingReverb is all about AEW! Josh and Kevin talk about what AEW means for the future of the industry, the excitement for #AEWDoN and whether the industry can become “cool” again. Kevin and Josh also briefly chat #MITB, the 24/7 championship and Brock Lesnar. PLUS, it’s the return of #KevinVsAustralia!!!


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Money in the Bank is upon us so Kevin and Josh run down the event’s card. We chat the two MITB ladders, Shane vs Miz, the championships main events, Becky2Belts and everything in-between. Josh also shares the frustrations he has had lately within wrestling (among other frustrations).  All this and more on this week’s #wRestlingReverb!


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On this very special edition of #wRestlingReverb Mr. Chris Van Vliet joins Kevin and Josh for a supersized chat about all things wrestling! Chris shares his experiences interviewing some of wrestling’s biggest stars. PLUS, Chris talks his love for wrestling as a kid and what he thinks about today’s landscape including thoughts on the potential of AEW, the feel good Wrestlemania and much more on this wonderful edition of #wRestlingReverb!


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Josh and Kevin reunite for what feels like forever since we last had a normal wrestling conversation. We chat the Sasha Banks situation, Jon Moxley’s video package, Double or Nothing, Impact Wrestling, Josh’s new adventure with #DivingInWithJosh and much more on this edition of #wRestlingReverb!


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Reverb Rewind is making it’s BBR debut and Josh and Kevin HAD to make sure this was a big one so with invite fellow BBR family member TheQueenOfNE to ensure it was a hoot! On this edition of #ReverbRewind we decided to take a look at the HUGE Money in the bank 2011 event! The trio look at every match on the show including the infamous CM Punk vs John Cena match. PLUS Kevin gets the help of Queen as it’s a special Kev and Queen vs Australia! All this and more on this week’s #wRestlingReverb

In this very special episode of Wrestle Thoughts Podcast we spoke to the first ever Progress

Champion and Word of Sport Superstar, “The Professional” Nathan Cruz.


Cruz speaks openly about his long journey that has made him one of the biggest names on the British Wrestling scene, a journey that started off rocky with a not so great training school to finding his feet in New Generation Wrestling. Nathan also discusses his future ambitions regarding WWE, All Elite Wrestling and where his frustrations with the current product.


This was an amazing interview and if you’re a fan of Cruz you’ll love this and if this is your first time hearing about him, prepare yourself to become a fan.

It’s Friday which means it’s #wRestlingReverb day! Today’s episode is SUPERSIZED with all things from the #SuperStarShakeUp. Plus, Josh and Kevin chat about Kevin’s time doing commentary in New York City, Kevin watching some classic PPV events and Josh shares his thoughts on the difference of heels and babyfaces in-ring styles. All this and more on this week’s #wRestlingReverb!


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Wrestlemania is over but never fear Kevin and Josh are still here! On today’s episode of wRestling Reverb we chat the incredible Wrestlemania that has just happened PLUS we chat what we think is on the horizon for WWE. We also see the return of Kevin vs Australia and Josh has a rant about the IIconics!


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It’s finally here, the DEBUT episode of wRestling Reverb right here on Brainbusta Radio! On today’s episode it’s a big one, Kevin and Josh go head to head in a Wrestlemania prediction contest! We go over every match on the huge Wrestlemania card! We talk Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte, Kofi vs Bryan, Seth vs Brock and everything in-between!  

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